Programme run by Shri Someshwar Mahadev Trust at Temple

Pooja and Yagya

Puja is a sacred practice that Hindu people perform on different occasions to worship, pray or show respect to their deities. Homa(YAGYA) is an ancient Hindu ritual performed to invoke Agni, the God of fire, by offering Ghee (clarified butter) and other sacrificial offerings. As Havih means Ghee and Havisha means offering and Yagya means sacrifice, Homa is also called Havan and Yagya. After performing the Pooja, a fire is lit in a Homakunda.

Bhagwat Katha

The Shrimad Bhagwat is one of the most sacred books of the Hindus. It gives a tremendous insight, a profound vision, and an entirely new perspective to the person who hears the narrative. On hearing, a person is never the same. There is a complete metamorphosis, a complete transformation, literally a new birth. Atman (soul) by it's own nature is sovereign - it cannot by nature be bound.

Bhakti Sangeet

Bhakti Sangeet give peace in mind and keep attached with God. Trust regulary organize Bhakti Sangeet programme. Special activities performed during Navratra and Janmashtami. .

Shivratri Poojan

Shivaratri Pooja has been given tremendous significance in Hindu mythology. It is said that ritual worship of Lord Shiva on a Shivaratri day pleases Lord Shiva the most. Devotees further believe that by pleasing Lord Shankara on the auspicious Shivaratri day, a person is absolved of past sins and is blessed with Moksha or salvation.

|| Om Namah Shivai ||

Shree Someshwar Mahadev Trust (S.S.M.T) established in the year 2010, as per “Guru-Shishya Tradition” of Juna Akhada, ) by Shri Mahant Rameshwar Giri Maharaj to fulfill the aspitations of his Guru Mahant  Shri Hari Giri Maharaj (disciple of Mahant  Shri Bajrang Giri Maharaj) to carry out various Spiritual and Charitable activities within the country and throughout the world.

Shri Mahant Rameshwar Giri Maharaj

Managing Director and Trustee

Mahant Rameshwar Giri ji MaharajShri Mahant Rameshwar Giri ji Maharaj is the desciple of Mahant Shir Hari Giri ji Maharaj and following the tradition of Guru Shishya Tradition. After his Guru ji he is managing all the activities of Trust. Relegious activities Pooja, Yagya, Bhajan Kirtan, Namkaran etc. are generally performed at Temple.

S.S.M.T has 80G certificate and The Tax exemption for donation are available as per provision 
of the section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961.
Income Tax Regd. No. 163(50)/Tax Free/Haridwar/2012-13/4663 Dt. 09/08/2012  Valid from 10 Aug. 2010 (Life Time)